Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Smurfs wasn't too bad. Crazy Stupid Love was very good.

Double review here. First Smurfs.

Smurfs, was exactly what you expect. Those who see it then whine it's got kiddy jokes and a silly premise obviously don't understand who the movie is catered to. Most of the jokes are mediocre, but there are some quality adult jokes. Not just Smurf this and Smurf that. Also, Azaria is worth seeing it alone for. Every scene he's in he steals. It's not an amazing performance, but it is a very fun one. Seeing Azaria ham it up was easily the highlight for me. The story is contrived, but it works, the sentiment behind it is fine too. NPH did a fine job as did Vergara, overall, expectations extremely low, i did end up laughing a few times. I guess that's all  I can expect from a film like this.


Crazy Stupid Love to me looked formulaic and boring. The previews kept showing me things I swear I've seen dozens of times before. I went in thinking it was going to suck and it did. The first 20 minutes at least. After that though, the movie got great. It had some solid twists and turns, very well written jokes, and very likeable characters. The entire premise isn't too unbelievable and you get a good idea of what's going to happen when, but it's still oddly refreshing. Everybody performs well enough, there really aren't any cringeworthy scenes and overall was very enjoyable. It's one of the better romantic comedies of the last 5 years. I'd put it firmly behind (500) days of summer and Definitely, Maybe.


I'd honestly say skip Smurfs unless you have kids, they'll love it, and go see Crazy, Stupid, Love if you're wanting a good date movie.

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