Saturday, June 11, 2011

She's Out of Your League is worth watching.

My criteria for a great comedy are as follows. They need to be funny, first and foremost, they need to make you laugh. Without that, it's never going to be worth watching again. That brings me to my second part, they need to be worth rewatching again. I'm not talking about a second time, but a third or fourth and so on. My favorite comedies are all movies i've seen countless times and have held up considerably, sometimes even got better with each viewing. The reason for this, is most good movies develop a sort of inside joke about them. Third and finally, it's the quotes. Movies need to be quoteable. Quotes help a movie last longer with you. Every single comedy i've loved has been extremely quoteable.

This movie literally fits all three. Not 5 minutes into the movie it drops epic quotes left and right. The movie has a very, very likeable cast, literally everyone in the movie fits perfectly in their role. Baruchel is epic as usual, his cast of friends like TJ Miller, Mike Vogel or others, they all are near perfect for who they're playing and generally provide humor.

The movie does seem to tail off towards the end, just like most comedies, but the first half or so are simply great. Really i'd put the first half up there with any of the great comedies.

Overall the movie is a 9/10, but after a 10/10 first half expect a 8/10 second half.

Baruchel O-Face

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Success.

Ron Swanson, man, myth, legend, or hero. This man, is one of the greatest characters in TV history. I'm talking top 3 all time. If you've seen Parks and Rec, you know what i mean. He steals every scene he's in, even if he displays nothing but a facial reaction. Here's a list of his best reactions faces.

LeBron better take his talents to the 4th quarter Sunday.

LeBron with a paltry 11 points in 5 fourth quarters this season. 11 points. Let that marinate for a second. Juwan Howard coming in every game and getting one basket in the 4th and maybe getting fouled once in the series is 11 points in 5 games. What's worse is his first FG in nearly 3 games came with 30 seconds left in the game when the Heat were up by about 7 meaning it had no impact on the game. As football fans would say, garbage time.

What's more telling, is the guy without Chosen One tattooed on his back has 52 points in the 4th quarter. That's 10 points per 4th. So he's scoring what Bron has every single night.

What's funny though, after all this, i still expect Bron to break out every single game. I guess because you really can't remember the last time Bron was consistently a non factor like he's been. Yes he had a Triple Double today, but was it really that impressive? This has to go down as one of the most uneventful Triple Doubles ever.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Starting my HIMYM watchthrough today.

I've already watched Season 1 about 2 months ago, but figure screw it. So i'm going to start watching again from episode 1 and see if its still enjoyable, even if i know it obviously will be. So here we go.

Episode 1x01.

Episode is still great, is a bit too overproduced though, there's music in the cutaways and segment changes. Glad they stopped that. Other than that, the writing is top notch as per usual, the acting is pretty well done, and most of the jokes are still funny or cute. Ted is the star here and it shows. He delivers one of the more memorable lines of the series in this episode. The episode also ends on a great twist that im sure caught most everyone off guard their first viewing. Overall a great start to an amazing show.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This guy rocks.

Fat dude on a cooking show who loves everything. How is this not a great idea.

I enjoy Master Chef, but man, is there anything this dude won't eat or enjoy? My friend considered him the Paula of this show but i disagree, i've seen her dislike certain singers, this dude just loves food.

LeBron with the epic Triple Single last night.

First it was him not willing to take the final shot. Years ago he got criticism for always passing on the final shot during his early years in Cleveland. I always disagreed. MJ was a great facilitator and if Bron ever wanted to be MJ lite, he'd need to do the same. If he didn't, he'd be no better than Carmelo or AI. Points aren't everything. As time went on, he developed a final shot. His biggest was easily that insane 1 second shot against the Magic in the playoffs a few years back. Sadly, that's pretty much the last time he did anything. Really, it seems that as the years go by he gets more and more complacent. Who remember his performance last year against The Celtics? He essentially gave up during that game. What's worse, is it was a home game. Everyone knew when he was being filmed storming to the locker room and ripping off his jersey, everyone knew that was the last time he'd wear that jersey in that arena. Everyone was right. Here we are on the super dream team now, 3 supposed mega stars who are all the best at their position and yet throughout the year it was proven that nobody could be trusted to take that final shot.

So Bron basically went from a team where he was needed to score 35 a game and dish out 10 assists as well as rebound 10-15 times a game for them to win, to a team loaded with talent. How did it affect him? Well, he had an outstanding year during the season. Problem is though, the playoffs hit and now instead of facing the Wizards and Cavs of the league, he's facing the Bulls and Celtics. While he may have had good games against these teams, he's yet to establish his utter dominance. The problem though is that this is Wade's team. As great as LeBron is, you can't go to a new place to join a super star who's already won a title and take over as the face of the team. Just won't work. That's a problem now during these finals. LeBron is channeling his inner Game 4 vs Celtics. He's essentially given up the last two games. He can't be trusted with the final shot, he can't figure out how to be a role player since he's never been asked to. Hell, his defense dropped last night heavily after a great game 3.

The problem here is LeBron. The reason why people wanted him to go to the Knicks or stay with the Cavs was that he'd be the alpha male there. He can't be here and he knows it. Problem though is that he just can't be a side kick. He's the top guy. He's the two time MVP. I don't blame him for his lack of effort, I just think he has no idea how to adjust. How can you expect him to. As I mentioned, this was a guy who's been criticized for everything he's done. He dumps his hometown team on live TV, he comes up short in big games, he essentially gave up and tried to get free rings by joining two other supposed mega stars. Even if he's trying his best to be Wade's Robin, it just isn't working. At some point, he needs to take over this team because as top dog he's shown he can be great, as second fiddle, he's shown he has no idea how to do that. I think if he gets that selfish attitude back the Heat should easily win, but for that to happen Wade may need to step aside and tell LeBron to be himself and take over that team. Until that happens though, LeBron will be forever confused and putting up 8/9/7 statlines. 

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Joe Rogan is bad for MMA.

Some people like him, some hate him. Most reasons are valid for either side. That's fine. However, after last night it hit me that he may be doing more harm for MMA than he thinks.

To Rogan, the fighter he likes should always win. He doesnt like every fighter nor does he have a favorite in each fight, he however does seem to go for a certain fighter in every big fight. The problem though, is that he's so bias, that his fighter could be getting utterly destroyed for 15 minutes, yet every minute he'll go out of his way to praise that fighter, while completely ignoring what the fighter he doesnt care about is doing. Last night Clay Guida completely dominated Anthony Pettis the entire fight yet all Rogan wanted to talk about was phantom submission attempts and 360 back kicks that were wildy inaccurate. The problem then arises that since most casual fans who watch the events think Rogan knows what he's talking about, they think Pettis was actually competitive and had gripes when he lost. If you were to just sit and listen to the commentary, you'd think that Guida was doing nothing the entire fight with Pettis nearly winning every 30 seconds with some exotic submission. However if your eyes are open during the fight, you see two guys going back and forth on the ground trying to get dominant positions with Guida essentially forcing the fight while Pettis was on his back trying wrist control and so forth. IMO, the fight was great. It showed two fighters with equal offense and defense in the ground game. Guida tried his best to get some ground and pound while Pettis tried to maneuver Guida around to try and lock in a submission. Neither however got around to their goal as often as they wanted. However because Guida wasnt able to completely dominate Pettis, all you heard was Pettis this and Pettis that.

Generally that's ok and i've gotten used to that. But when that fighter literally has zero shot at winning and Rogan is still nuthugging him, it imo is putting fans in a hard place. Not every fan is a hardcore fan. Most are just casual fans who catch it when its on tv or at a bar. Not one's who watch TUF, watch DREAM, Strikeforce, Titan, MFC, or the other various organizations around. They're just the ones who know that Brock Lesnar is a badass and that GSP is unstoppable. So when Rogan is showing extreme bias, it gives the casual fan the impression that so and so is winning and should have won.

What also hurts is Rogans intent on bashing new fans. Every single time someone goes to the ground and someone boos, he does his best to berate the fans who find that fighting style boring. "If these fans were educated, they're realize there's real action going on". Why take digs at the audience or fans watching tv? How is that good for the sport. How is acting superior and condescending going to help the sport grow? There's a reason every other legitimate sport's announcers are trained to be unbiased. They arent support to favor team A over team B. They arent supposed to let their fandom overtake their professionalism and dictate how they announce. Rogan however doesn't do that. He even admits he doesnt care if people don't like his opinion. The problem with that though is what if people stop watching fights due to him? It sounds absurd, but it can and has happened. Sometimes commentating and announcer can be so bad that you just stop caring about what's going on. If i was Dana White, i'd do my best to bring in Michael Schiavelo and Frank Trigg to cover fights. Both are infinitely more knowledgable than Rogan and both are about as professional as they can be. Yes they joke about sex and so forth, but they'll never force a fan to side with them or they're stupid. They just call the fight and use funny terms like "he's taking more knocks than a jehovas witness" and so forth.

I just feel that the more influence Rogan has on the sport the more problems he's going to cause. And since the UFC is the top dog by far, most MMA fans will take Rogan for a genius in the MMA world and that if Fighter A is this supreme badass who ends up losing, the fight was obviously rigged.

Maybe i'm just finding something on nothing, but i for one have had enough of the lopsided commentary. The UFC needs a change and i think Rogan should be the first to go.