Friday, July 1, 2011

Camelot was canceled.

Since the show sucked and I only made it about halfway through the season before quitting with the intention of finishing it before the second season started. However, with it getting canned, I might as well just call it now.

So here's my half ass review, or warning, whichever you choose to call it.

So here's Camelot. It stars Eva Green and some random English Model douche. Green did a great job as Morgan, Arthurs half sister. The problems start immediately. First Arthur sucks. He's this 16 year old looking kid with an annoying wispy stache. The moment you see him, you just hate him. In fact his first scene is him banging his brothers gf. How much of a douche is that? Then he just laughs it off. So not only is he a douche, but he's an arrogant douche.

Then stuff happens, he's thrust into the role of being king by the end of the first episode. Sadly, the next 5 episodes is just him wandering around, sleeping with people who are engaged, married, or in relationships. Essentially being a douche. You're getting the trend here I hope. All the while Morgan foils with magic and gets sick and so forth.

Basically, all that happens is Arthur banging a few women, Morgan being kinda hot and evil, and Camelot slowly (and I mean painfully slow) being constructed.

Oh, then there's Joseph Feinnes being well, that guy who looks annoying and can't act for crap. The guy literally has one look and has somehow made a career out of it. And not in the funny Zoolander way, the rage inducing "WTF ARE YOU GLARING AT" way.

Here he is as Merlin, giving that annoying -_- glare.
And here he is again, with the same stare. 

Dead Space 2 was rather scary.

I'm not one to scare easily during games, but this game got me about 3-4 times. The way they fool you is pretty clever too. You'll see a group up ahead, then they start running to the right, you assume there's a monster chasing them from the left so you approach quickly expecting to take them out strategically, then BAM, monster bursts through the wall from your left. Shock ensues. It's scenes like this that make you appreciate it. Rather than just making loud noises and showing you gore, it teases you.

There's also these stalker type enemies, that are similar to childish dogs playing with you. They'll run away hide behind corners and peer out now and then. If you aren't looking, they'll charge head on into you while screeching. It's not so scary as it is shock since they just sorta pop out then by the time you see them, knowing its a one hit kill from them, you panic trying to shoot them in the 1-2 seconds you have before you're dead.

The game isn't just scary though, it's near perfect. The Campaign is tremendous fun. I played through on the hardest available difficulty and while I died quite often, I never felt hopeless. That's what I like in games. I enjoy the challenge, but not the impossible feel. Gears, Halo, and COD all do this perfectly. You're never at some insurmountable disadvantage and aside from maybe one minor area where I had 3 bullets and no ability to purchase more and I needed to check a FAQ (sad I know), there didn't seem to be any game breaking moments.

The Mechanics and overall engine are top notch too. Rather than go full FPS like say Bioshock, it went for a 3rd person shooter which places your HUD on the back of the main character Isaac. So rather than display HP/Ammo/Special Ability, you see the Health on a Spinal Health Bar on your characters back, or see the Ammo amount on your characters weapon, and Even his Stasis Bar (freezes time) on his shoulder blade. Doing this cleans up the entire screen so you can focus mostly on your character and the atmosphere. Very innovative and I see other games using this in the future.

You can see the health, stasis and ammo here.

A bit late, but here's a brief synopsis of the story. You play as Isaac, an Engineer who was deployed to a mining ship when it stopped communicating with the company who sent it out. He goes there and finds out that they discovered an artifact that was turning everyone into Necromorphs, humans with 2 extra giant arms sprouting from their backs with razor sharp blades at the end. Isaac is tasked with finding out how to stop it and eventually does... or so he thinks. This is where Dead Space 2 comes in. He awakes years later on a city sized space station Sprawl, only to be heavily sedated and being experimented on by the company that sent him out. They want to find the secret to the artifact and try to rebuild it. This causes the necromorphs to appear again and it's up to Isaac to stop them.

Here's one of the many Necromorph's you come across.

So through the story you find out what secrets are hidden away deep inside Sprawl and with the military and necro's after you, there's nobody you can trust.

If you have heard of Dead Space 1 but wasn't sure, I suggest getting it. You can find them both for about <20 per. I bought 1 last year for 10 on Amazon and got 2 for 20 a few weeks ago at Sears.

Overall I'd give Dead Space 2 a 9.5/10. As I said, the engine is near perfect and they set everything up to be challenging but achievable.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sorry for my absence today.

Friend was moving today and I was the only available help. It was terrible and I regret my decision to show up, but I guess it's my duty as a friend to do this. I did tell them though, this was it for at least 3-4 years, they seem to move every year rather than find a nice place and settle down.

Tomorrow though I plan 2 game reviews, and possibly some other random blog posts.

Here's a song I absolutely adore.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dwight Howard working hard this summer to up his game.

Here he is protesting the coming lockout.
Here he is showing the Pepsi Machine what's up.

That rock has nothing on Dwight's offense.

I assume this is a bathroom? Creative way to evacuate your bowels. 

Mowing the lawn.
Waiting for his lunch.

As you can see, he's doin work this summer. While most players are hitting casinos, D12 is out getting work done.

Very funny pictures though, Dwight Howard is easily one of the coolest NBA players. 

Awesome backflip first pitch.

Already posted one video today, but might as well get another in before ceasing for a few days.

Now, you tell me how epic this is. It's not how flashy it is for me, it's the fact that he delivered the ball nearly perfect.

As I mentioned above, the reason I enjoyed this so much was that he hit the catcher right on. Here's two professional athletes failing pretty badly.

Now, after watching those, it should give more respect for the Cirque guy.

Here's one of the greatest inventions ever, The Happy Hotdog Man!

Showed my friend this the other day and meant to make a blog about it. Lets first start off by how amazing this idea is. It takes a hotdog, slices into it in several different areas to make it seem like a little person. How genius is this!

Here's a quick video to explain the process. My favorite part is how you get a different colored hotdog cutter.

I will say though, the little condiment nipples rock, though they seem like a pain to clean.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Louie returns with a stellar premier.

After a lackluster second half to an amazing first half of Season One, Louie came back with a bang. The jokes were a bit more subtle than some of the hilarious episodes of the first season, but they carried the same hilarity.

If you know who Louis CK is, you know his realistic humor. He's able to convey perfectly what everyone thinks about, but just can't explain it properly. Like how you may love your kids, but there are times that you wish they weren't born. Or how it's humane to raise your child in a broken home.

His ability to convey this is what separates him from the other crowd. His jokes may be vulgar at times, but it's because that's how people are and think.

With this said, I suggest you all check out season one, episode 1-7. Those are easily some of the best episodes in TV history.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The 5 best gay characters on TV.

Gay characters are often displayed as stereotypical characters who whine and cry a lot. There are varying degrees of severity to this, but more often than not, they're annoying characters. Here's my list of the 5 best however.

So here we go in no particular order.


The heart and soul of True Blood season 1. His role diminished in season 2 and sort of ruined the character, but his season 1 character was great though. Comedic, soulful, and edgy. He played a straight gay character, somewhat similar to Dafoe in Boondock Saints.


I can't pinpoint it exactly, but sometime after the show came back from the grave the writers thought it'd be good to turn him gay. So every episode, instead of trying to rule the world, he's just make funny quips about whatever and spout off some gay innuendos. Personally I thought it was for the better. Trying to rule the world got boring and really, giving him a personality was a great idea.

Dean Pelton
Now, he never actually came out in the show, but it's pretty obvious that he's gay. From the road map with all the rest stops rated, to his crazy and outlandish costumes or even his unabashed love for series lead, Jeff Winger. He brings hilarious gags to an otherwise humorous but not laugh out loud funny show.

About as flamboyant as possible. He's essentially every stereotype imaginable, the difference is, he's loveable. Unlike other gay characters, he doesn't wallow in himself as if it's a wrong choice. Instead Cam plays Cam, an openly gay father of one who would do anything to help his family.

Lloyd while a small character, similar to Dean, Lloyd has a much greater impact. He's loveable and gets treated like crap. But when Ari finally showed he had heart, you couldn't help but smile. It brought a sense of emotion to the show that it considerably lacked before hand.

There you go, my personal top 5 list of gay characters on TV. You may notice a lack of a lesbian characters, but I honestly can't think of many shows I watch with lesbian role.

--Edit--  Seems I didn't clarify what the list was, it's gay characters currently on TV. And yes, Omar Little would definitely be number 1.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Amazing True Blood Premier!

I won't spoil it, but stuff goes down. After an amazing finale, this one picks up right where the last season left off. Twists and turns all around.

10/10 episode.

More photo's emerge from Rob McElhenney (Mac from It's Always Sunny) being fat.

A sort of After and Before look at the weight he's packed on.

As you can see, he's sporting an even thicker beard than before, as well as more pinchable cheeks than ever.

He claims it was for the role, but I don't see the star of Project Badass putting on pounds, unless he's changing the title to Project Fatass.

Sorry about that terrible joke. :(

Cedar Rapids was solid.

I guess I came in expecting too much from a small indie comedy, but from the trailers, I thought it'd be a riot. Instead it was merely a humorous take on the Andy Bernard character from The Office. While the cast is excellent, there's just something lacking. The main characters aren't very likeable until the second half. It provided good awkward humor here and there, it just lacked.

With that said though, the second half made up for it. It was pretty much hilarious after they start partying. The overall story is OK I guess, but it's not very memorable. Mostly what you'll remember this movie for is the 3 male leads. They each deliver some great lines and quotes.

I suggest seeing it if you enjoy comedies, at 86 minutes it's brief and if you don't enjoy it, it'll be over before you know it.


And now, an otter juggling a rock.

Sorry for the brief random video post, but how awesome is this.

The Class was an unappreciated show.

For those that don't know, after the success of How I Met Your Mother, CBS wanted to attempt a companion show to go with it. That show was The Class. It starred Lizzy Caplain and Jason Ritter. The show was about a guy who tries to set up a 3rd grade reunion party for his current gf. So he invites all the classmates he can. This ultimately rekindles relationships that went on to HS and lost loves. Due to this, they all reconnect and start being friends.

One of the hooks for me was that it has constant continuity. If you watch all of the episodes it feels like one long story rather than episodic like nearly every other comedy. That's where I think it fit perfectly with How I Met Your Mother, this could have been a new breed of TV.

The show has a very likeable cast, and the one's you don't like will be gone by midseason for some reason.  Everybody is familiar too, especially if you watch it now for the first time. Nearly every actor was in something else, whether the guy from Walking Dead, the girl from Party Down, the gay guy from Modern Family, the guy from The Event, the girl from Better Off Ted and so forth. Due to that, there's no awkwardness of if you're going to like this or that person since you're familiar with them.

Instead of course the network cancelled it, picked up Big Bang Theory and forever imprisoned good TV for bad.