Sunday, June 26, 2011

More photo's emerge from Rob McElhenney (Mac from It's Always Sunny) being fat.

A sort of After and Before look at the weight he's packed on.

As you can see, he's sporting an even thicker beard than before, as well as more pinchable cheeks than ever.

He claims it was for the role, but I don't see the star of Project Badass putting on pounds, unless he's changing the title to Project Fatass.

Sorry about that terrible joke. :(


  1. Yup, he is fat now.
    And the joke was... yeah, no much funny. Haha. :|

  2. I will always love him, no matter how adorably puffy his cheeks get.

  3. he kind of looks like Bill Hicks.
    nice blog, followed!

  4. I love Sunny so much. I actually like this idea. It's going to be like wtf why is Mac suddenly fat?

  5. nice blog indeed. though hes fat!:D
    gotya back.