Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cedar Rapids was solid.

I guess I came in expecting too much from a small indie comedy, but from the trailers, I thought it'd be a riot. Instead it was merely a humorous take on the Andy Bernard character from The Office. While the cast is excellent, there's just something lacking. The main characters aren't very likeable until the second half. It provided good awkward humor here and there, it just lacked.

With that said though, the second half made up for it. It was pretty much hilarious after they start partying. The overall story is OK I guess, but it's not very memorable. Mostly what you'll remember this movie for is the 3 male leads. They each deliver some great lines and quotes.

I suggest seeing it if you enjoy comedies, at 86 minutes it's brief and if you don't enjoy it, it'll be over before you know it.



  1. Watched this the other night and loved it.

  2. Movies that make up for it in the second half are bad for me because I end up sleeping in the first and missing the rest of it. It really is my bad, though.

  3. Decent movie - got really solid in the last 25 minutes but the first part of it was kinda of a dud - was a pleasure watching it with you buddy though!

  4. Great Review, I thought this one would be good. I'll have to check it out

  5. I was not that fond of Andy from the office so I would probably not like this movie. That being said if he is only one of three male leads perhaps I should give it a chance.