Saturday, July 16, 2011

Went to my first Hibachi last night.

Was awesome, I don't know why or how I've never been to one before. It wasn't super expensive, and I know I've spent more money on worse food before. Overall, it was a blast, and our chef was awesome.

For those that don't know what a Hibachi is, It's where you gather around a flat top grill, a chef prepares your food in front of you while doing fun tricks and keeping you entertained. You get to see him make fried rice, cook your meal, cook the veggies and so forth as well as making a volcano out of an onion, breaking eggs in half with throwing them away in one swift move of his spatula and so forth. It's real fun and I suggest you give it a go. I read about them a while ago, and it seemed like their profession is more of an art than anything else. It takes years to hone your skill and I assume you get more awesome as time goes on.

Either way, these Samurai of the Stove are admirable and I'll definitely go back.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

EW has new picture of the new Spartacus.

I for one don't think he looks anything like the old one. I guess it doesn't matter, but I personally am not impressed.

Here's the teaser for season 2 of Spart.

Epic Damages Premier.

The transition from FX to DirecTV is near seamless. The biggest difference is it runs similar to HBO. No commercials, no filter, just 57 minutes of great drama.

The Premier which introduces a bevy of new characters, including several familiar actors such as John Goodman, who after an amazing turn on Treme gave me faith that he is capable of doing great drama, and Dylan Baker who you may not know by name, but you'll definitely recognize his face. Both portray powerful characters who are charismatic enough to draw you into their world even if they've been in one episode.

My biggest gripe thus far is the ending teasers. The show has been great at showing the ending to you in bits and pieces per episode. The teasers in the premier seemed rather weak compared to previous seasons.

I won't spoil anything major since I definitely want you all to check out the prior seasons, but aside from the weak flash forwards, this episode was an easy 9.5/10 for me.

Oh and just because she's absolutely gorgeous, here's a pic of Rose Byrne.

Plot of the new Robocop announced!

Chris Pine might be the new lead for Robocoop and here's the plot outline and a concept photo.

So Unicorns are on the verge of extinction from the evil corporations of the world and it's up to one man, machine, to save the day. So Robocop rides his trusty Unicorn aptly named Weller into battle. So Weller takes Robocop on various journeys afar to help rescue and destroy the world conglomerate.

I for one am in. I was a huge fan of Robocop back when I was a kid. I loved most Verhoeven movies, even his underrated Black Book. So hopefully he has something to do with this movie and if not, I just hope this new adaptation doesn't lose the charm that Verhoeven masterfully put into all his movies.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This video is amazing. George C. Scott watches the trailer for Jack and Jill.

Sandler has a new garbage movie coming out this fall and this one, unlike his previous literally looks unwatchable.

This sums up nearly what I did when I first saw it.

NFL players are doing their best to make them seem like greedy thugs.

Arrests after arrests. DUI's, being kicked out of bars, being arrested for shooting at people, the list goes on.

Then you have morons like James Harrison who say that if their commissioner was on fire, he'd just let him burn. And taking photos like this one below.

Seriously, whats the deal here? Remember back in the day, the NBA was supposedly filled with thugs and criminals? Now it seems that it's the NFL and for some reason, it's a right of passage to be a thug.

Now don't get me wrong, I for one am a HUGE fan of the NFL, but it seems these morons outweigh the class act players. The ones who do charity for their community, build homes for widowed mothers, advocate against DUI's and so forth. But nope, they don't get the press coverage. These guys firing guns at their sisters ex boyfriends, the ones who own animals that have killed kids. The ones that have killed people DUI. Those are the ones that get the press. It's a damn shame.

That image is what I see anymore when I picture the NFL. Just a bunch of tatted up thugs acting like they're some sort of gangster.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Netflix going above and beyond the duty to be douchebags.

So because their streaming is so successful, they just announced that as of September 1st, you'll have to subscribe to either streaming or dvd's, or do the both option, that jacks the monthly price up from 9.99 a month, to 15.99 a month. In other words, it's successful, lets screw everyone who's signed up the last 5 years.

I think it's ridiculous. I've been with Netflix long before XBL and I've already endured the last 2 jacks in price, namely charging an extra 2 dollars to rent blurays per DVD you're allowed at once (I was doing 3 at a time, so it jacked up my monthly bill from 24.99 to 30.99), so I quickly canceled the Blu plan. Then I moved to the 9.99 plan for 1 DVD when they raised the price per DVD, which would have again moved my 24.99 plan to 30.99. So now at 9.99 I could just stream most everything and get 1 DVD at a time which I really didn't need. Now with this, they're going to jack it up from 9.99 to 15.99, again trying to screw me out of 6 dollars a month. Eventually, after I cancel this, they'll just try to charge me 5.99 straight up since they've been gunning for that 6 bucks for the last 2-3 years.

Either way, I think this is BS and I hope they end up losing customers due to this.

The Dark Knight Returns leaked teaser poster.

Not much to look at, but whatevs I guess. A bit too much like Inception tbh.

Monday, July 11, 2011

So it seems Advertisers are getting more creative. Imposing images on episodes of HIMYM.

How I Met Your Mother reruns have been featuring advertisements for current movies.

Pretty clever when you think about it. They now have the ability to forever impose whatever advertisement they want. Hell, I'm curious as to what the length of the agreement is. If I see this episode in 4 months, will it still be Zookeeper? Or will it go back to the old picture that  was just a shelf with no books.

Just thought it was funny.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Late to the party, but Game Of Thrones was pretty great.

Excellent fantasy drama that developed very good characters that you felt for and cared about. They offed several prominent characters throughout the season to keep you on your toes, assuming you havn't read the novel as I hadn't. It seemed like every time I was thinking, They Rock!, they ended up dying soon.

Overall, my biggest gripe was the Fellowship Of The Ring style ending. All of season 1 seems merely like a buildup for the remaining seasons rather than a stand alone season. I'm not really a fan of that.

As for the future. With Eva Green off that Matturd Camelot, she can finally fill the role she was destined for in Melisandre

Mark Strong would be a great choice for Lord Stannis.

It's a shame we gotta wait another 9 months before the new season, but I sure hope the hype leading up is as fun as the 2 year hype before season 1 was.

Best of the Best 4 is now on Netflix Instant.

For those that don't know, Best of the Best was one of America's finest films. It features the events that transpired when America took down Korea as a world power.

Real men train in the snow, shirtless.

See, back in the 70's and 80's, wars were fought through martial arts competitions. If your country had the five greatest martial artists, you were the new Super Power of the world. But back in the late 70's, the Koreans cheated in these games by making one of the sons of a legend drop his ice cream in dramatic fashion. Due to this, the Americans lost, and Korea reigned supreme over the world.

Everyday man from Detroit.

To counter this, drastic measures were taken, they fired their coach, brought in the best coach, then began recruiting. They scoured the nation to find the best of the best. See what I did there? They found a cowboy from Miami, a nerd from Nebraska, and an every day man from Detroit. Together, those three would combine their powers and become the anchor for their team and attempt to put America back on the map. Oh yea, the son who dropped the ice cream, he's back with a vengeance too. He plans on killing the man who on that fateful day, forced his ice cream to fall.

Boy vs Man, who cleans up the ice cream that's surely been spilled?

As they battled it out, the odds became insurmountable, Korea was surely to win, but what's this, Tommy (the boy) got into a position to kill his nemesis.

I won't spoil the rest for you, but I'm sure you've seen this cinema classic. After the end of the first movie, with the fighters being treated like Vietnam Vets, they were forced to do illegal streetfighting, some even lost their lives, as shown in the semi documentary Best of the Best 2: Still The Best. After their foray in underground MMA, Tommy decides to settle down only to find himself amongst a war of Indians and Bikers in Best of the Best 3: Still Bestin'. He does his best to remedy the situation which brings us to the 4th and final installment of the classic saga Best of the Best 4: Without Warning. Now I personally have yet to see it, but I'll assume it has something to do with copious amounts of ass being kicked.

So add it to your queue now, Best of the Best 4: Without Warning.