Saturday, June 18, 2011

BJ's had some epic samples today.

BJ's is a wholesale club identical to Sam's and Costco, and much like those stores they run samples. No generally Costco is <i> The </I> go to for samples, but today BJ's went all out.

When you first arrive, they have people greeting you with samples of fruit and coupons for the store, so go in, grab some sliced pears or apples and mosey on down the aisles. As i marched down one of the two main walkways I notice in the back they've got this giant 3 table spread of just random sweets. Now i'm currently on a diet, but I can't pass up a near buffet of delicate sweets. So as i start motoring on down there as swiftly as i can, i pass by an old lady handing out samples of get this, paper plates, at first i wanted to just toss it at her and tell her to not get in my way of enjoying decadent cheesecake and pastries, i realized, this item i can put the other items i get on. Genius i accidentally say as i whiz by grabbing one on the way. As i get closer down, a lady is giving out free samples of water, assuming most people who enter the store notice what i notice and make a mad dash, so of course i grab one, take a drink, then grab another and quickly splash my face with it. So after brushing off the disgusted look on the current product pimp, i finally reach my goal. I get down there and there's about 15 different types of pastry, cheesecake, pie, cake, cookies, and brownies. I of course start grabbing what i can and start piling some of each on my plate. Lady looks at me smiles and says Happy Fathers Day, i quickly remind her that i just ran quickly across a wholesale store to get to the bakery aisle, i clearly don't have children. She laughs and moves onto the next male standing in the line. As i stand there grabbing, i start thinking about the ramifications this food will have on my body. After a near 5 day fast, i'd lost 8 pounds, and i just viewed each little morsel of brownie or pastry as an added pound if i eat them. Inside my mind my conscious comes into play, one side says screw it and go for it, the other telling me of my hard work and how i'd be throwing it all away. I ignore the angel and have at it. First to bite was chocolate cheesecake, it was delicious. It was creamy, not too powerful, as i'm not a fan of rich chocolate, but tasted wonderful. Second i tried some lemon meringue pie, it was tasty but a bit fluffy. Of course who am i to judge, it's free. So as i slowly move through my plate i realize that i am quite full. I finish off the plate of any remnants that may have crumbled off and toss it. As i turn around the corner though, much to my dismay, i see even more samples. This time, instead of just random deserts, its fully cooked food. They had chicken strips, baked beans, mini hot dogs which went well with the beans might i add, mini chicken wraps, mini crabcakes, taquitos, chips and salsa, mini turkey sandwiches, and finally samples of wine. I about died. I couldn't believe i completely filled myself on the deserts before even looking around the store. But I wasn't having that, so i set off to attain another paper plate.

So i march down to the lady i had sped past and grabbed a paper plate, she glared at me as i nodded and moved onto the gourmet section of the store. As i troll through the kiosks grabbing a bit of this and that, i think to myself what am i doing. In a bit of moral drama, i promptly toss all the food away and attempt to storm out. As i'm marching towards the exit, i glance over and see they have frozen treats available, i grab a couple of those then make my way to the car with a sense of pride, of course i'm stuffing my face with ice cream bars, frozen yogurt, and frozen snicker bars. 

All in all, BJ's rocked today, just too much of a moral dilemma.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hall Pass was pretty good.

Overall i went in with low expectations and came out with a few good laughs. Great quotes in this movie. Not sure how it'll stand up over time, but for the time being, it was pretty good. It had good characters, and tons of great quotes or quality terms.

Movie starts off as a general romantic comedy, husband, wife, three kids, his friend, his friends wife, typical affair. Then it kinda morphs itself into a Farrelly Brothers movie. Good over the top gross out laughs, some quality dialogue. And an ok moral story to go with it. If you like them, their movies, you'll most likely enjoy this.

Wilson annoys his wife so much with his constant checking out of other women that she finally gives him a week to do whatever he wants. So he tells his friend who gets his wife on board too. The wives go out of town for the week so everything is fair game. The first night they go to Applebees with their crew and basically pig out, they figure it's more than enough for day one so they go home. Day two is more of the same. Neither guy has the courage to attempt to cheat on their wife despite all the banter. Day three goes and they basically do the same as day one. Their friends bail and leave them alone for the final four. Those final four they each finally try with the help of their good friend who'd been out of town. While this is going on, the women struggle too to deal with their Hall Pass too. While on retreat, they start hanging out with these college baseball players and coach who attempt to woo them. Their struggle is clear as well. As they both fight the urge but also try to push the limits surely someone is going to crack.

That's basically a gist of the story with no real spoilers. I suggest watching it. As i mentioned, there are a handful of quality laughs during and mostly everyone is likeable. The humor ranged from witty to pure grossout, but it's all good nature.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm not big into Golf, but more of this would get me watching.

I think one of the problems with Golf to me is that it's hard to follow. After Tiger, most non Golf fans don't know who anyone else is. Unlike the NBA, NFL, MLB, Golf lacks player recognition.

This however, might change things. Might get you rooting for people who before today you didnt even know. I might check out the US Open this weekend now, simply due to this video.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lord of No Rings.

Ok, promise this is my last LeBron/Mavs/NBA topic for a while, especially since it seems their lockout is going to last longer than the NFL's. Anyways, here you go.

Thought that was pretty epic. A friend showed me so figured i'd share it to those that havn't seen yet.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Like a Bosh!

Check out Cuban here. This picture represents everything he's gone through, all the haters saying he was bad for the sport, Stern basically stealing millions from him in fines. But you know what, this is the guy i'd want owning my favorite team. Someone passionate about the game, about the team, and about his players.

What was best was him being a total class act during the entire playoffs. I can't think of an owner who showed more class after their team won. He put the former owners, the team, and even past coaches in front of himself. I thought it was a very nice gesture overall.

Grats to Dirk, Terry, Kidd, and Marion, but most of all, congrats to Cuban.

LeBron still acts like a child.

During his press conference, he was asked an asinine question, but opted to take the bait and well ended up saying "I'm rich, you're not". Now he didn't use those words exactly, but here's the quote, you infer what you want.

After losing the championship game today, and having another mediocre performance at that, LeBron was taking questions during his press conference. Some reporter thought it was a good time to ask a snarky question hoping to bait LeBron into more controversy. LeBron fell right into the trap.

When asked something along the lines of "Are you bothered by the fact that now all of the "haters" are happy with you losing this series?" LeBron answered ""At the end of the day, all of the people that want to see me fail will wake up tomorrow and have the same life, the same problems, while I wake up and enjoy my life"

Now the question was pretty douchey to begin with, but LeBron should have known to not answer. But to then answer that at the end of the day it's great to be him, not to be the everyday normal guy will do nothing but alienate more people. LeBron has said countless times, he wants to break 1 Billion in his career. And while something like this won't hurt him that much, compounding this with everything else, his image just continues to take a hit. At some point, you have to realize that the more people that hate you, the less impact your endorsements have, meaning less chance at getting good quality endorsements later on. As i said today isn't important, but the more this happens and the more people that pile on to the LeBron hate train, at some point endorsement camps are going to realize that it's more trouble than its worth keeping him around. Look at Tiger Woods. He cheats on his wife and gets dropped by everyone. Something that had nothing to do with any fans, any competitors and he's black listed. LeBron needs to stop attacking fans and either just ignore them, or try to win them back. Being a child isn't going to help you out in the long run.

Just a mini rant before bed.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

So easy a Caveman can.. wait he couldn't. UFC 131 quick review.

That's the Caveman, and this is what he went through to look like that.

That's basically the gist of the 15 minute main event. Carwin tried and tried, but ultimately did nothing to try and win the fight. I had somewhat high hopes for him for this since he utterly destroyed Mir then went on and dominated Lesnar in the first round of his title fight. Then he came out tonight and just laid an egg.

As for the other fights, let me just say that Judges need to be reworked, fired or something. Asian fighters seem to be screwed every chance they get. No matter how bad they make their "white" counterparts look, they seem to lose decisions in the most improbable ways. If Asian Guy #1 beats up White Guy #1 for 5 minutes in the first round, then that fight should never have White Guy #1 winning a decision 30-27. That's impossible. I'm not sure exactly what these judges are watching, but with Dana calling out the Judges tonight, one in particular for judging every fight 30-27 for one fighter or another at random, hopefully this calls into action some form of change. Maybe take it seriously for once? This isnt 1995 where MMA makes zero money. This is a sport that's completely dwarfed nearly every other sporting event. Yes NFL is king, but in 3-5 years, it wouldn't surprise me to see MMA become the number 2 sport in the country. It's not like the NBA is selling out every game, nor is MLB as evident in the pic below.

Announced Attendance was 13,208.