Friday, June 3, 2011

Man, sun tanning blows.

Not me, but that's pretty much my tan without the speedo. It sucks, and i'm not really sure what to do about it. I don't have the money to go to a tanning booth, nor do i have the ability to tan those middle portions properly. Oh well, just felt like sharing. Give you that nasty image of me naked, brown white brown.

NBA needs to start dishing out Technicals to floppers.

Wade was just bad all night, as was Bron. Since when was flopping part of the NBA culture? I know Euros have been doing it for decades, but when did the superstars of the league start selling out to this idea?

Just do like they do with an iffy 3 pointer. Have a crew review it during the game, if it turns out that someone did flop, call a tech on them, and move on. It seems like the only thing that you can do to stop it. You can't fine for this, but i think it more than deserves a technical. 2 Tech's and you're gone.

I honestlly cant think of a better way to solve this. My problem is that it's not only cheap, but because in real time you can't tell, it's pretty effective. If you start penalizing, with legit penalties, it might cease this horrible practice.


Some of you guys have said it might slow the game down, i disagree. When they review a 3 pointer that might have been a two, they do it during a break or intermission. They can easily do this too during those. Or just have a booth person, similar to the NFL who monitors plays and sends the refs feedback. I just think dishing out techs during that game would set people straight. Nobody ever wants to hurt their team in the middle of a game and this seems to be the only surefire way to prevent flopping in the future. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bigger cultural impact on your daily life, Star Wars or Jaws.

Last night during my weekly bashing of Star Wars my friend said that Star Wars had a bigger cultural impact than anything else. I disagreed and pulled a movie title from thin air, that being Jaws. He just laughed. But what he failed to realize is that nobody outside of hardcore nerds let Star Wars affect their lives. I can't think of a single time in my life where Star Wars had any sort of impact on it. I however can think of hundreds of times though where Jaws did. Yes this seems a bit small, but Jaws did terrify you with the thought of Shark attacks, something that's so rare and obscure, yet every beach goer thinks about it every time they go into the water. Now also, not everyone goes to beaches or even lives near the water, whether it's a bay, gulf, ocean, sea or whatever. However, i guarantee daily more people are thinking of Jaws subconsciously than Star Wars.

Just wondering what your take is on this. This debate lasted on XBL for a good 20-30 minutes with 2 of my friends raging hard, hardcore star wars nerds btw, while the third just kinda sat in silence every now and then adding something in. It actually got to the point that somehow Twister was being considered a horror movie just because people died in that and more people are afraid of that than sharks due to Jaws, that to me said they were failing in defending their beloved franchise. I eventually just let them have their glory so I can stop staring at the dashboard screen and we can get some Borderlands going.

But yea, what's your take? I could be in the wrong, but who knows.


How great is this video. Gets me stoked for a legit movie tbh. I know it wont happen, but the idea gives me a bit of a chill.

The Minnesota Savior is on his way.

Who knew this guy would save a franchise. Well, the Timberwolves did. That's why they drafted him. After years of speculation after that draft, he's finally agreed to terms with the 'Wolves and he's on his way to the worst franchise and is going to turn it into a playoff contender year one. People checked his stats and claimed he was awful and wouldnt pan out, but it's not the stats, not the performance, but it's the aura that makes Rubio so lucrative. Just look at him, he looks like a 14 year old boy. He's going to be the Bieber of the NBA, going to sell jerseys, and put asses in seats.

Minnesota is in for a phenomenon and that's Rubio Fever.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Traffic Light will be missed.

Currently watching the final episode and it makes me a bit sad knowing i wont be seeing these characters anymore. Fox pissed me off for canceling this. This was easily the best new show this year and to just can it expecting to find a funnier replacement is just silly. Quality shows come around rarely and to expect to find a show that's literally funnier than any show FOX has had in years means it's going to be another 5 years of waiting.

Oh well though, there's not much i can say more about this as i came to terms of the canceling weeks ago, but watching the final episode is sort of sad.

So Shaq is retiring.

About time. He's been utterly worthless since the Heat won that last title. After that his career has been hanging in the wind and despite his own hubris, he's been irrelevant. The fact he had the audacity to come back after the Clevland fiasco, he essentially burned the Celtics for putting so much faith in him being healthy, they shipped off their only remotely decent big man for an overrated chucker.

It's actually funny how he leaves teams worse off after he leaves and it seems he was so good with them, but if you take a look, they really  werent all that good with him. His last years in every stop after LA has been an utter disaster. Phoenix did nothing with him, neither did Cleveland, and this Boston stuff was just horrible. Yes blame needs to be put on them too for trading Perk for a mediocre shooter, but im sure they had this idea that they're paying this guy 7 mill a year and he'd perform more than 25 games when the team played over 90.

And so ends another great career years after it should have ended. Shaq did nothing but tarnish his astounding reputation and watching him interview during the ASG was classic, since you were so accustomed to seeing him play. Hopefully he gets into broadcasting though, he could essentially be Barkley 2.0 and that wouldnt be a bad thing.

On that though, i'll remember the good times, not the bad ones. He was the first true legend of the game i watched from the beginning of his career to the end and while i grew to detest his antics, especially flopping against dwight after years of whining about floppers, i will miss him on the court. Nobody will ever bring the size, power and completely change the position quite like he did. For that Shaq, i thank you.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sometimes i like to go to the mall with friends.

That's my friend. It seems that every time i contact him, he's too busy to do something cause he's always at the mall. OH ITS 10PM GUYS, GOTTA HIT THE MALL. I for some reason thought he worked at the mall. Then he had the audacity to say to make a blog about it. So of course i obliged. Also, he wears scarfs any season and a fanny pack with nothing in it. Good going bra, good going.

X-Men First Class is getting great reviews thus far.

I normally don't care about reviews, but sometimes things catch my eye, Thor getting great reviews was something that caught me off guard, and now it seems X-Men is getting even better reviews. As it stands right now, it has 27 great reviews and 1 rotten one. I'm not sure if it can hold 97% once it's released, but 90%~ for a movie that most people said was unneeded seems solid. I for one have been amped since i first read about it and now i can only hope it's legit good, not just critic good.

Monday, May 30, 2011

One of my favorite videos ever.

When i first saw this, i just died. So random, i didnt know what was going on. Then i saw the clip from The OC, and it made me love this so much more. One of the few things Shia was ok in, imo.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


How cool is this? Found this on Twitter. And for those that don't get it, it's the Gears of War COG.

The Next Three Days was pretty good.

Just watched this with my bro earlier. Good movie. It starts off a bit slow for the first 30-45, but the remaining hour twenty was great. Crowe simply carries the movie from nearly start to finish. The movie actually has a very good cast other than Crowe, but without him, i personally dont think the movie takes off the way it does. His acting, is top notch, while the story allows him to show his true talent. Crowe could play a bum with no real story and he'd still captivate the screen.

For those that dont know, the story follow Crowe and his wife (Elizabeth Banks) until she gets arrested for murdering her boss. As the time goes by and he continues to try to free her for a crime she claims she didnt commit. Appeal after appeal is denied and it becomes apparent that she wont ever be freed. So Crowe devises a plan to break her out. First he seeks out an author (Liam Neeson) who specialized in breaking out of prison and avoiding getting caught. He gives him tips on how he needs to plan more about what the cops are going to do rather than what he has to do to get away. By staying ahead of the cops, you'll always be in the clear. He also says that while on the run, he eventually turned himself in due to paranoia, rather than preparing for the day that someone kicks his door down, it was best for him to just turn himself in and be at peace.

So to start the chain of events that'd hopefully lead to the successful escape of his wife, he starts perusing youtube. Who knew you could open a car door with a tennis ball? After gaining insane knowledge of breaking into cars, cloning keys, and robbing meth dealers, he sets out on his mission.

I wont spoil the film for you, but the film takes some dark turns here and there, and at times it feels like he's in way over his head. Overall, once you get past the first 30-45 minutes, it's gripping and you cant help be keep your eyes trained on the screen.

UFC 130 was OK.

Aside from the two main events, both of which i dont blame the winners for, the rest of the fights were solid. The biggest problem with the event was that half the fighters didnt want to fight. In both main events, one fighter tried his best to fight, while the other spent most of the fight trying not to fight. Same goes for the Story/Alvez fight. Really all the fights were too lopsided overall. There were only what, 2 finishes on the entire card? That's not what sells. People dont want to see an out of shape fighter gassing halfway through round two. They dont want to see fighters lay on top of each other, nor do they want to see a fighter who can only wrestle, yet cant take down his opponent once meaning he has zero legit offense the entire fight.

Maybe the fight makers should decide on two fighters who excel at the same thing. Pitting a striker and wrestler is just silly since it will rarely emulate an entertaining fight. Also, more offense heavy fighters who gas early should stop being pitted against grinders. Yea it's a good fight for the first 3 minutes, but the remaining 12 are just an utter bore.

Now, i dont blame the entire event on the bookers as most of the fighters on this card pulled out due to injury, or were suspended for drug violations. Promoters cant really help that. 4 months ago this card looked stellar, sadly last night, the card while looking pretty solid, turned out to be mostly boring.

As i said, the entire even was OK, but that's not going to bring in new fans. Sadly what new fans want is knockouts, submissions, and entertaining fights. And because this card contained 2-3 early finishes and mostly judges decisions, i cant give it a higher grade than 7/10.

Paul Walker's beard is the driving force behind the success of the Fast franchise.

Here's Paul in The Fast and the Furious. Look how young he looks, that beard barely stretches past his chin. He's sporting more of a goatie than an actual beard. Success of the movie was minimal, granted it had a great percentage of profit, but overall, it was the lowest grossing Paul Walker led Fast movie to date at 207 Million. Great sum, but Paul knew, the best was yet to come and he'd have to work on the beard growth before the next film started production.

And that he did. If you look  it's still clean looking and more balanced. Yes it's not as thick in the front as the previous film, but he knew he wasnt going to win audiences over twice with just a standard goatie, so he tried to keep the sides as thick as the front. It paid off well as the movie grossed more than its predecessor by tallying 236 Million overall. With Paul's slight beard advancement, he netted the film 29 million more. With that, Paul knew he had to do something big, so he took the next film off to study beard growth science. With his eye on the prize he set forth to make his next Fast and Furious title the highest grossing to date and really put the Fast franchise on the map.

There you have it folks, 6 hard years of growth for that. You may think, eh, it's not that great, but check it compared to both 1 and 2. One was a bit childish, sporting a goatie that most teenagers grow, he did ok with it, but the success of the first film showed the beard could have been better. He cut down on it a bit in the second one while letting the cheeks grow and the profits rose about 15%, however, he was determined. He wanted proper growth on the sides and the front and while coming up short on his attempt, he was able to still manage a very respectable and marketable beard. Due to this beard, the films gross skyrocketed to a whopping 359 million. Now, would you say that this beard is 120 million dollars better? I sure as hell would.

That brings us to this. This is Paul's mightiest beard yet in the Fast Franchise. Look at the coverage, it's pretty even all around. Got a nice scruff look, but if you glance in deeper, you can see that it's perfect thickness. It doesnt just cover his face, but leaves it open just enough to still see his perfect toned skin. The guy clearly takes great care of this and knows what sells. After year and years of trying, he nearly achieved the perfect beard, and to show for it, Fast Five has grossed to date an astounding 529 Million and counting. Fans arrived in droves opening weekend just to get a peak at what Paul would be sporting and none were disappointed. Even critics hailed the movie, in large part to his exceptional beard he's wearing, putting this as his only Fast and Furious movie to be certified fresh with a huge 79% approval rating.

As history has shown, each installment, as Paul's beard gets thicker, the gross skyrockets. From 207-529 and counting, what's next in store of Paul? Maybe some legit length, maybe he shaves it all off in an attempt to show that it's him drawing in this money, and not simply his beard. Who knows, but we'll see. I personally am expecting something close to this and if that's true, expect the next film to cross the 1 Billion mark, or come very close at the very least. We shall see though.