Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Next Three Days was pretty good.

Just watched this with my bro earlier. Good movie. It starts off a bit slow for the first 30-45, but the remaining hour twenty was great. Crowe simply carries the movie from nearly start to finish. The movie actually has a very good cast other than Crowe, but without him, i personally dont think the movie takes off the way it does. His acting, is top notch, while the story allows him to show his true talent. Crowe could play a bum with no real story and he'd still captivate the screen.

For those that dont know, the story follow Crowe and his wife (Elizabeth Banks) until she gets arrested for murdering her boss. As the time goes by and he continues to try to free her for a crime she claims she didnt commit. Appeal after appeal is denied and it becomes apparent that she wont ever be freed. So Crowe devises a plan to break her out. First he seeks out an author (Liam Neeson) who specialized in breaking out of prison and avoiding getting caught. He gives him tips on how he needs to plan more about what the cops are going to do rather than what he has to do to get away. By staying ahead of the cops, you'll always be in the clear. He also says that while on the run, he eventually turned himself in due to paranoia, rather than preparing for the day that someone kicks his door down, it was best for him to just turn himself in and be at peace.

So to start the chain of events that'd hopefully lead to the successful escape of his wife, he starts perusing youtube. Who knew you could open a car door with a tennis ball? After gaining insane knowledge of breaking into cars, cloning keys, and robbing meth dealers, he sets out on his mission.

I wont spoil the film for you, but the film takes some dark turns here and there, and at times it feels like he's in way over his head. Overall, once you get past the first 30-45 minutes, it's gripping and you cant help be keep your eyes trained on the screen.


  1. Thanks for the review. I guess I'll have to check it out

  2. Good movie to brock. Starts of dull but then the last 45 or so are real intense.

  3. SO gonna watch this, thanks for the recommendation, good sir

  4. I never watch these movies. Not my type.