Sunday, May 29, 2011

UFC 130 was OK.

Aside from the two main events, both of which i dont blame the winners for, the rest of the fights were solid. The biggest problem with the event was that half the fighters didnt want to fight. In both main events, one fighter tried his best to fight, while the other spent most of the fight trying not to fight. Same goes for the Story/Alvez fight. Really all the fights were too lopsided overall. There were only what, 2 finishes on the entire card? That's not what sells. People dont want to see an out of shape fighter gassing halfway through round two. They dont want to see fighters lay on top of each other, nor do they want to see a fighter who can only wrestle, yet cant take down his opponent once meaning he has zero legit offense the entire fight.

Maybe the fight makers should decide on two fighters who excel at the same thing. Pitting a striker and wrestler is just silly since it will rarely emulate an entertaining fight. Also, more offense heavy fighters who gas early should stop being pitted against grinders. Yea it's a good fight for the first 3 minutes, but the remaining 12 are just an utter bore.

Now, i dont blame the entire event on the bookers as most of the fighters on this card pulled out due to injury, or were suspended for drug violations. Promoters cant really help that. 4 months ago this card looked stellar, sadly last night, the card while looking pretty solid, turned out to be mostly boring.

As i said, the entire even was OK, but that's not going to bring in new fans. Sadly what new fans want is knockouts, submissions, and entertaining fights. And because this card contained 2-3 early finishes and mostly judges decisions, i cant give it a higher grade than 7/10.