Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So Shaq is retiring.

About time. He's been utterly worthless since the Heat won that last title. After that his career has been hanging in the wind and despite his own hubris, he's been irrelevant. The fact he had the audacity to come back after the Clevland fiasco, he essentially burned the Celtics for putting so much faith in him being healthy, they shipped off their only remotely decent big man for an overrated chucker.

It's actually funny how he leaves teams worse off after he leaves and it seems he was so good with them, but if you take a look, they really  werent all that good with him. His last years in every stop after LA has been an utter disaster. Phoenix did nothing with him, neither did Cleveland, and this Boston stuff was just horrible. Yes blame needs to be put on them too for trading Perk for a mediocre shooter, but im sure they had this idea that they're paying this guy 7 mill a year and he'd perform more than 25 games when the team played over 90.

And so ends another great career years after it should have ended. Shaq did nothing but tarnish his astounding reputation and watching him interview during the ASG was classic, since you were so accustomed to seeing him play. Hopefully he gets into broadcasting though, he could essentially be Barkley 2.0 and that wouldnt be a bad thing.

On that though, i'll remember the good times, not the bad ones. He was the first true legend of the game i watched from the beginning of his career to the end and while i grew to detest his antics, especially flopping against dwight after years of whining about floppers, i will miss him on the court. Nobody will ever bring the size, power and completely change the position quite like he did. For that Shaq, i thank you.


  1. Nice post. It does seem about time for this.

  2. Nice write up. I've always loved him.
    I'm not trying to stomp on your thunder or anything, but my blog has the Top Ten Shaq acting roles in it. You may enjoy that.

  3. waiting for a police officer Shaq!

  4. Treuly its about time, He might come back though haha who knows this guy is a basketball machine and does the Celts good

  5. i love shaq! he is a couple years past when he should have retired, but i love him nonetheless. one of the greatest centers ever.

  6. He is getting old and playing a little slower, almost safer. I had a small hope he would help Cleveland when he was there, but I can't say I was too surprised. Dude is pretty funny too.