Saturday, June 11, 2011

She's Out of Your League is worth watching.

My criteria for a great comedy are as follows. They need to be funny, first and foremost, they need to make you laugh. Without that, it's never going to be worth watching again. That brings me to my second part, they need to be worth rewatching again. I'm not talking about a second time, but a third or fourth and so on. My favorite comedies are all movies i've seen countless times and have held up considerably, sometimes even got better with each viewing. The reason for this, is most good movies develop a sort of inside joke about them. Third and finally, it's the quotes. Movies need to be quoteable. Quotes help a movie last longer with you. Every single comedy i've loved has been extremely quoteable.

This movie literally fits all three. Not 5 minutes into the movie it drops epic quotes left and right. The movie has a very, very likeable cast, literally everyone in the movie fits perfectly in their role. Baruchel is epic as usual, his cast of friends like TJ Miller, Mike Vogel or others, they all are near perfect for who they're playing and generally provide humor.

The movie does seem to tail off towards the end, just like most comedies, but the first half or so are simply great. Really i'd put the first half up there with any of the great comedies.

Overall the movie is a 9/10, but after a 10/10 first half expect a 8/10 second half.

Baruchel O-Face


  1. I'll be sure to check this movie out =)

  2. this movie is so funny, and she is defently out of his league

  3. Thanks for the review, I thought this moie was real crap but you gave it quite a high score, might see it now :D

  4. the mainn actor looks weird...

  5. I was reading to quickly at first and thought the first line said "My criteria for a great ass are as follows". Nice review :)

  6. I've been watching old Steve Martin movies lately. Just saw Roxanne, it was an awesome comedy.