Thursday, August 4, 2011

30 Minutes Or Less is worth seeing.

30 Minutes stars Jesse Esienberg of Zombieland/Adventureland fame, along with the always funny Tom Haverford,  and the brash and unrelenting Danny McBride seemingly playing Kenny Powers or really any of his other character. I suppose he's playing Danny McBride at this point.

The story goes like this, Danny is a 30 something year old son of a former Military man who wound up winning the lotto. He wants his dads money so he devises a plan to kill him and inherit the money. He gets word he can get him killed for 100k so he sets out on another plan to get the money. He along with his best friend (Swardon) kidnaps a Pizza Boy (Eisenberg), strap a bomb to his chest and tell him to bring them 100k or he dies. Eisenberg of course goes and recruits his friend Aziz to help him and hilarity ensues.

Despite having 3 very different and funny actors, the one who stole the show was Michael Pena as the hired assassin. He has several lines that either make you smile or laugh out loud. He truly displays why he should be getting more roles than he does. I've personally been a fan since his run on The Shield back in 04 or 05.

Overall, it was a fun movie with quite a few solid laughs. A very cool soundtrack and one of the cooler songs for a chase scene ever imo.

The only thing that sorta bugged me, is that this is somewhat based on a true story. A few years ago, someone actually kidnapped a guy and forced him to rob banks and ended up killing him. I'm not one of those too soon types, but this movie seems to just take it in good fun despite the realistic event ending tragically.

Either way, go see it, don't, whatever. I personally enjoyed it. It's a brisk 90 minutes from opening credits to after credits scene.


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