Thursday, August 11, 2011

Final Destination 5 is definitely worth seeing.

First let me start off with this, I love the series, I admit they aren't very well written or good movies in general, but they are a blast to watch and are a legit guilty pleasure of mine. I love mindless gore, and cool little cause and effect traps.

As for the series in general, 1 is always going to be my favorite just because it was fresh and something new for the "horror" genre. The way they built tension with each death, making you piece together a death before it even happens, it was cool. 4 was actually my least favorite, despite having some cool deaths, I found most of it unrealistic looking. With the other FD's, the deaths all seemed legitimate, stuff that could actually happen.

As for 5, I think this might actually be the best. It had a very likeable lead, unlike 4, had actual grief from some of the survivors, and was easily the best looking movie in the series. From the amazing looking bridge collapse that starts the whole film, to each gory and gruesome death, the film was very well done. That was my main problem with 4, it all looked so unbelievable CGI'd.

The director/writer did an excellent job with the film, many complained that the trailer gave away each of the deaths, but they really don't. I was sitting in the theater, getting ready to cringe with the screw or the eye surgery, but that wasn't the death, something else would happen. They built the tension so well before each death. You knew something that may happen, but then it'd turn out to be a completely different death than you were expecting. The film even has a very cool twist to it. Something the others lacked. I'd put it up there with some of the SAW twists.

Overall, it was a very good film that I'll definitely watch again, and if it's ever on TV, I'm definitely sticking it out.

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