Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Man, Chicago Code being canned is a downer.

Unlike most shows that fail to engage you into caring about a single character (glaring at you The Killing!) Code was able to get you to care about every character, good or bad, you enjoyed watching them. It's hard to have a show fail when that happens. If you look at the various other dramas canceled this year, Code was really the only one with a great group of characters. Event was utter garbage, every character made me want to spit in their face. Law and Order? Yea, another boring show with no real story.

When shows like this get canned it blows since there's plenty of room on TV for them. You telling me The Killing, Talking Dead, Breakout Kings, and a majority of other shows are worth keeping on the air over Code? It's not like FOX outside of AI and Ramsay stuff is lighting up the ratings. Why not keep good shows around? Code was essentially a tame Shield. Jarek was no Mackey, but he was a badass none the less. And a show having a powerful female character that didnt suck was a nice change too. Most women in TV blow since they focus too much on their sex appeal and not their character or acting.

Oh well, gonne end this mini rant before it drags on too long, just upsets me that Networks think they're gonna find better shows by cancelling good ones. By axing Traffic and Code, 2 of maybe 5 shows i watch on FOX, they've lost another viewer for Cable shows where more faith is generally given, unless its FX of course who got rid of the outstanding Lights Out and the overly hilarious Terriers. One of these days they'll learn i suppose.


  1. Jarek was pretty much awesome. <_<

  2. I still miss Pushing Daisies and Reaper myself =(