Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Upon further review The Hangover sucked.

I watched the first a few weeks after it came out in theaters, my grandma wanted to go hop in after we saw Star Trek so i figured whatever lets do this. We enjoyed it, she usually hates sex jokes but she found most to be funny. I however sat there with a smile, chucking a few times here and there. Overall though, it was a solid 7/10 movie, not nearly as epic as the trailers or everyone had made it out to be.

My first major gripe was the music. It blasted heavy rap music trying to be hip or cool and just came off as trying way too hard. I mean blaring tracks that go "pop that pussy hot so my load can get this drop" in a film mainly targeted at white males seemed a bit forced. Then they seemed to have a montage towards the end that was blaring metal. So they have literally both sides of the spectrum when it comes to garbage. Glamour rap and metal, great choices.

Then there's the fact that the movie is poorly written. Any movie that can make Brad Lee Cooper boring as sin is a movie i frown upon. Every other movie he's ever been in, he steals every scene. Here he was just a random asshole being well, a random asshole. His lines were unfunny, he came across as very unlikeable, and until the middle of the movie, you get the impression he cheated on his wife. Really, his sole purpose in this movie was to be that guy in the black suit. He really didnt contribute to any of the laughs or the story progressing. Just sat there with that smug look on his face, which is usually more than enough to carry his character, but due to the bad writing you just want to hate him.

Gally was wasted to. It seems the writers needed a dim character and for some reason went to the brilliant Zach Galifianakis when they intended to make him a retarded pedophile. Doesnt make sense to me. Was him being a complete moron really needed? All his stupid antic like cutting his hand to make a blood pact or claiming he hates Godzilla as well to an asian character just came across as outright silly. Was this movie trying to be smart or slapstick silly, cause i came in expecting smart, but forcing Galifanakis to be a complete moron turned what could have been the next great 40 Year Old Virgin type comedy into a Las Vegas version of Meet The Spartans.

Whats worse is that after this i even bought into the directors next project, Due Date, which was absolutely dreadful where it literally cast Zach once again as a complete moron. I had hopes that RDJ could save it, but he like Cooper, came across as a massive dick who you couldnt relate to at all. While the movie had 1-2 laughs, for a two hour movie labeled a comedy, that's not nearly enough. With that said, i have a feeling i wont be paying money to view any more of this directors movies as i've been burned once too many times.

After all this, i opted to try and watch Hangover again earlier today and it failed to do what every good comedy is supposed to do, get funnier on subsequent views. This was just boring. It was similar to watching a mystery you'd already seen. The allure was gone, it was no longer funny at parts you thought were funny at first. The shock value was gone, and i suppose that's all the movies humor was based on, pure shock value. So i sat there for 100 minutes, literally stone faced wondering why i'm wasting my time on a movie that people for some reason have as the best comedy ever. Course those may be the same douchebags that thought Get Him To The Greek was hilarious, but that's another post for another time.


  1. I actually liked the Hangover =(

  2. It was funny the first time through, pretty much no replay value.

  3. that kind of what i expected to see, damn sorry to hear : /

  4. I see your point. The Hangover IS overrated. However, it is a solidly entertaining 2 hours.

    Now you wanna talk about suck? Check out Hangover 2. This thing is bound to be a fail sandwich.

  5. I have yet to see the 2nd one, hoping it isn't any worse!

  6. Is this the first Hangover you saw? I didn't really enjoy it either, however my husband loved it. I don't want to call it a 'dude movie', but we felt the same about Pineapple Express. Egh.

  7. You didnt think due date was funny? It was one of the funniest movies i've seen in a long time. unlike almost all other recent comedies, it wasnt completely easily predictable

  8. O wow really?!
    The Hangover was not good, at all