Thursday, June 23, 2011

My top 5 most listened to bands of the last 5 years.

I was thinking about this last night, the bands i've listened to the most over the last few years, then it donned on me that I really havn't listened to that much stuff. I can literally point out the year and who I listened to a majority of the year.

So here we go, my top 5 of the last 5.

LCD Soundsystem - I love them, it broke my heart that they called it quits earlier this year, but their 3 albums were amazing from start to finish. I guess I should just be happy for the music i got from them I suppose.

Muse - Got me through some good times and bad times. Every album is great from start to finish and they're one of the most complete active bands right now.

Chromeo - If you've never heard of them, google them, check out some Youtube videos, they're great. They're cool, suave, and hip. You can't help but feeling like a badass listening to them.

The Roots - I've told countless friends that despite being a rap group, they're the best rock act you'll ever see live. They do not disappoint. Amazing live, in the Studio and even on Fallon. Every album is great start to finish.

Journey - The "wtf" selection on this list. But from 06-08, there weren't many times that I wasn't blasting them in the car. Their Greatest Hits is possibly the greatest ever for any band. From start to near finish it's wall to wall jams and tells a great story.

So what do you think? Possibly post yours as well.


  1. I like a couple of those
    Mine would probably be
    1. Deftones
    2. Mutemath
    3. Lucky Boys Confusion
    4. Atreyu
    5. Kid Cudi

  2. Love the Journey greatest hits album. I'm also a big fan of Muse. Good music, man!

  3. Nice list, pretty rounded too. I'm a bit more mainstream I guess. Nine Inch Nails, David Bowie, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones. Kind of hard to narrow it down though, I might be addicted to Alice In Chains one month, then never listen to them for a really long time.

  4. fuck yeah! muse and journey are fucking awesome. especially journey. dont stop believin'

  5. My list would look something like:
    1. Bump of Chicken
    2. Poets of the Fall
    3. Kamelot
    4. Breaking Benjamin
    5. Stephen Lynch

  6. LCD Soundsystem sounds great.
    listening to them right now.

  7. so good recomendations there, i know some of the names, but not all.